True Colors

Look at me. Admire and envy me. In True Colors, choreographer Alida Dors goes in search of the real person behind our online identities. Nothing is what it seems. Her characteristic, innovative hip-hop vocabulary, stripped of show and bravado, unpicks the stories behind social media images. We see what normally is hidden. 


choreografie & concept | Alida Dors
performance | Pom Arnold, Bilal Bachir, Donna Chittick, Liza Panjoel, Delano Spenrath (dans), Maciej Straburzynski (zang), Guus van der Steen (spoken word)
music | DJ Lovesupreme & Silbersee
videoprojection | Manuel Rodrigues & Sara Orfali
lichting design | André Goos
costume | Arien de Vries
scenography | Ascon de Nijs
music & text dramaturgy | Maarten van Hinte
dance dramaturgy | Peggy Olislaegers & Annette van Zwoll

True Colors is a coproduction by  BackBone with Silbersee, Productiehuis Rotterdam, Het Klooster (Woerden) and Tanzhaus NRW (Düsseldorf).