The Sorcery - Part 1

The Sorcery is an innovative concept by hip-hop choreographer Alida Dors, in which she invites choreographers to create a performance together, from the same source (hip hop) and an overarching theme, but each with its own artistic interpretation. After the performance there will be a conversation about the cooperation and the use of their hip-hop sources.

They met during a panel discussion about the use of music in their own work. Their great love for hip hop culture is what connects them. Now they share the stage with a double bill: The Sorcery.
The leading Dutch hip hop choreographer Alida Dors and the talented German hip hop dancer and choreographer Takao Baba, join forces for The Sorcery Part 1.

With four dancers taken from each other's crew and with an overarching theme, they give their personal artistic 'flavor' to this performance. In each 20 minutes, Alida and Takao take you along in their perspective on the power of self-imposed and social structures during F *** My Keeper (Alida) and  ,,Lim It" (Takao). Our own world of thought can be our worst enemy. What and who ultimately determines which paths are walked by whom?



Takao Baba
Alida Dors

Pom Arnold 
Kleson Silva Moreira
Solomon Quaynoo
Remses Rafaela


  • Tolhuistuin Amsterdam
  • Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (DE)
  • Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (DE)
  • Rotterdam Theatre Rotterdam
  • Rotterdam Theatre Rotterdam
  • Het Theaterschip Deventer