Speak Up!

Are you proud of whom you are? Suppose you are morally weighed in a year time by a higher power. Would you continue to act as you do now?

Hip hop dance company BackBone and music theatre Silbersee collaborate for a second time for the latest urban dance show Speak Up! Six people in the power of their lives call themselves and each other for accountability. With their heart on the scale, they are confronted with their own, sometimes unacceptable behaviour, and deeds they are not proud of. Do they dare to speak up? Are they willing to reflect upon who they really are?

Choreographer Alida Dors looks with growing amazement to our society, where sharing your opinion seems to become more common, but rarely leads to a genuine conversation in which we discuss and weigh each other's thinking and acting. With what purpose do we pour out our hearts? Are our often blunt opinions corrections for the other? How much time do we still take to correct ourselves? Speak Up! is a representation of our moral compass and our growing fear of looking at each other and ourselves. African diaspora rituals, in addition to texts by major (hip hop) activists, are important additional sources of inspiration in this performance.

Alida Dors creates her performances from the attitude that was introduced by the founding fathers and mothers of the hip hop; with a fascination for unorthodox encounters between people and disciplines, socially and politically aware, and with the urgent to make relevant work for a wide and diverse audience. On Alida's side, musical leader Romain Bischoff operates with Silbersee, where music genres from urban to opera are brought together. At Speak Up! this results in a performance where the dancers from BackBone challenge the singers from Silbersee to completely give themselves in the moment. Together with 'avant-pop' composer Jacob ter Veldhuis and the rebel DJ Lovesupreme, Speak Up! is a melting pot of hip hop vibes, energetic dance, live vocals, text, classical and electronic music that is interlocking with each and creating sparks flying of the stage. 


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Choreography & concept:
Alida Dors
Musical leader:
Romain Bischoff
Pom Arnold, Bilal Bachir, Donna Chittick, Carla Nahadi Babelegoto,
Liza Panjoel, Maciej Straburzynski
DJ Lovesupreme & JacobTV
Dance dramaturgy:
Peggy Olislaegers
Text dramaturgy:
Maarten van Hinte
Stage design:
Ascon de Nijs
Stage tags:
Noel Venour
Costume design:
Isis Vaandrager
Light design:
Jeffrey Steenbergen
Technical production:
Executive technique:
o.a. André Goos
David te Marvelde
Martijn Nieuwenburg
Business management & sales:
Gysèle ter Berg
Production leader:
Susanne Tuny
PR & marketing
Nanda van Aalst
Graphic design:
Serena Kloet
Photography campaign image:
Wolfgang Ludwig
Scene photography:
Jean van Lingen
Portrait photography:
Bowie Verschuuren:


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  • Schouwburg De Lawei Drachten
  • Muziekgebouw aan het IJ Amsterdam
  • Podium Hoge Woerd Utrecht
  • Toneelschuur Haarlem
  • De Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort
  • Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (DE)
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