Living Apart and Together

Living apart and together is all about identity and the renewal of urban dance. How can we survive in an environment that is constantly changing? What if we could see ourselves from a new perspective for a change?

Choreographer Alida Dors makes her own rules, strips hip-hop bare and places the dance language's power of movement centre stage. In Living Apart
and Together she deepens her investigation of identity and relationships. The result is an intense and intimate work about survival in a changing environment. ‘Dors creates her own universe where her individualistic dancers keep you captivated. She reveals the complex cadence of Western existence to us.'


"Alida Dors is not like most hip-hop choreographers. While many cling doggedly to pure hip-hop, over the past decade Dors has developed from a hip-hop dancer into a choreographer with her own signature." Parool****

“Hip-hop is still the source, but in her new production Alida Dors lifts breakdance out of its usual context, dissects the familiar moves and adds principles of choreography drawn from modern dance.

Piano, but also a groovy beat. Silence, during which a rhythm is created purely by the steps and repetitive arm movements of the dancers. Dors uses all of the space in the Korzo studio and clear structures such as lines or changing formations. The group of dancers spread across the floor or come together in a knot. Using repeating elements and synchronously performed phrases, the choreographer brings a certain calm to the break movements. The quick, fluid footwork of loops, jumps and turns from hip-hop is given a new flair by this interaction with time.

In this abstract composition, Dors seems to be aiming mostly to interpret the title, Living Apart and Together, by contrasting the individual with the group. In some cases, this results in unsettling images, such as when, in a number of duets, a female dancer is approached pretty roughly by her dance partners. Just previous to this she has undergone a hugely punishing self-chastisement – repeatedly, rhythmically pounding herself, hard, on her lower back, chest and upper back, which punishment only stops when others intervene.”

“Alida Dors has demonstrated great professionalism in the production Living Apart and Together. The new variations and types of movement in her creation, as well as the omission of the bravado that so often accompanies breakdance, lend this dance a more sober character and create a new beauty.”
Marcelle Schots, Theaterkrant


choreography | Alida Dors
dance and movement aids | Sayonara Prika, Tiffany Sordam, Eddy Vidal, Jort Reinders, Raymond den Uijl
costume design | Asalia Khadjé
music composition | Simone Giacomini
lighting design | Albert Tulling
dramaturgy | Leo Spreksel 

Living Apart Together is a Korzo production in co-production with Stichting Backbone.


  • Theater Korzo Den Haag
  • Theater Korzo Den Haag
  • Theater Korzo Den Haag
  • De Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht
  • De Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht
  • Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
  • Stadsschouwburg Arnhem
  • De Lieve Vrouw Amersfoort
  • De Oosterpoort Groningen
  • Theater de Vest Alkmaar
  • LUX Nijmegen
  • Theater Bellevue Amsterdam
  • Theater Ins Blau Leiden
  • Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (DE)
  • Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf (DE)