Kaap Liefde

A scripted reality about love, (im)power and revenge

On a whim, overworked Astrid books a trip to an African country. While the beach boys force themselves on her, her eye falls on the much younger, proud fisherman Kofi. They fall in love and together they move to the Netherlands. Fortune seems to smile on them, they are blessed with twins, but Kofi is unable to settle in his new environment. When Astrid falls in love with a colleague, there is no place for Kofi in her life. Kofi feels powerless and one day he takes the children from the schoolyard and leaves. Astrid travels to his native village with a sensation seeking television crew. The manhunt for Kofi begins.

Kaap Liefde is a performance about love, power and power and revenge. Inspired by the TV program 'Abduction' in which the story of the 'perpetrator' is not shown. Raymi Sambo and the makers wonder: 'What is his story?' What does television show us or not show us?

 "When are you a perpetrator and when are you a victim?"

Kaap Liefde is a co-production in collaboration with Raymi Sambo Maakt.


Actors: Marian Mudder, Romano Haynes, Michline Plukker, Emile Rogissart & Sarah Sahertian
Dancers: Rosanne Bakker, Sirak Areguy, Cedella Steur, Alison Duarte / Mitchell Hamel
Regie: Raymi Sambo
Choreography: Donna Chittick
Text: Maaike Bergstra
Dramaturgie: Gerardjan Rijnders
Composition: Ata Güner
Stage design: Allard Derksen
Styling: Jantine Kraayeveld
Light: Martijn Steman