Together X ALPH

An exciting dual performance in which hip-hop choreographer Donna Chittick shares her vision of sisterhood and brotherhood. Her dancers hold you in their grip with their energetic movement, powerful body language and intimate solos. Accompanied by the rousing melodies and deep beats of DJ Lovesupreme. An evening in which hip-hop is celebrated!

In Together four dancers show us the women of today: confident, tough and fragile at the same time. For this piece Donna Chittick didn’t only draw inspiration from her own life, but also from the everyday life of the independent woman and the life choices she is presented with. Who influences you on your life path? What role does your living environment play? In a contemporary mix of urban dance styles, Chittick looks for the feminine power in those dance styles, and creates a performance for which she drew inspiration from the daily reality of both her dancers and herself.

A dance performance that reflects masculine energy. Four dancers take us into their world. Pride, strength and confidence lead to mutual rivalry yet the men are also linked by a struggle which they recognize in each other. A common struggle that connects them, but at the same time forces them into the role of the alpha male. The men test each other, and trust each other at the same time. Is that true brotherhood?

About Donna Chittick
Choreographer Donna Chittick is supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund. Most will know her from the Hip Hop dance company BackBone – founded by choreographer and sociologist Alida Dors. Donna has played an imported role in this dance company for years and has been one of its core dancers. Earlier she developed her dance style at Hip-hop center Solid Ground Movement, and at production house Korzo. Her first performance
Together, about sisterhood, was well received and played at various festivals such as the Afrovibes festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and the WhatYouSee festival.


“The strength of Together is that Chittick makes this theme tangible through a range of
different dance styles and influences” – Theaterkrant


Donna Chittick
Dancers ALPH
Juersson Hermanus, Giovanni Pisas, Ibrah Silas Jackson & Waikuma Pentury
Dancers Together
Liza Panjoel, Fiona Dekkers, Cedella Steur & Hannah Chandra Mahler
Jeffrey Steenbergen
Light and technics
Simchah Hoed
Costumes and graphic design
Kenley Chittick
DJ Lovesupreme
Campaign image
Bowie Verschuuren
Dramaturg Together
Peggy Olislaegers
Dramaturg ALPH
Leo Spreksel
Artistic advice
Alida Dors en Peggy Olislaegers
Angelique van Beckhoven
Business leader
Ger Jager
Yoram Otten
With special thanks to
Performing Arts Fund, BackBone, CC Amstel and Solid Ground Movement