Black Memories

The colonial past of the Netherlands is difficult to digest. People getting shipped as if they were products, you can not imagine that. And yet that is what has happened. Dutch slavery is part of our history, but is not really in the history books. The history of colored people in the Netherlands is directly connected to this history, because the great wealth that the United Netherlands gathered was partly due to the slave trade. It is an emotional subject with much to say and share. A subject that often causes conflict. White Dutch would prefer to forget that slavery is part of our past. Colored Dutch people feel they are not being heard. How do we continue with each other?

Can we talk about that past? Yes! Black Memories invites you to take this step. The starting point are the personal experiences of the five dancers, four musicians and two actors. Together they talk about the richness of cultures in our country. But also about the discomfort that is darker than a box of shoe polish on December 5th. Together they step into the past and into the current debate and open doors to continue to understand each other in the future. Black Memories is a performance about power, freedom and skin color. With the heartbeat of African, Caribbean and Western music and the energy of the contemporary urban culture.

Black Memories is a unique collaboration between BackBone, Danstheater AYA and Tafel van Vijf. Dance theater AYA makes brutal and interactive dance theater for a young audience, in which taboos are not avoided. Tafel van Vijf makes music theater about major themes from Dutch history, coupled with current events.


Herman van Baar, Wies Bloemen, Alida Dors
Regie en choreografie: 
Wies Bloemen, Alida Dors i.s.m. de dansers
Ayden Dijkstra
Floris van der Vlugt
Dans en spel:
Aisa Winter, Christine Amagove Karani, Anna Lindaya, Djinti Sullivan, Jason Winter, Perry Gits, Jacob de Groot
Muziek: Vernon Chatlein (percussie), Jasper Goedman (percussie), Rory Ronde (gitaar, zang), Floris van der Vlugt (saxofoon, zang)
Kostuums: Isis Vaandrager
Decor/licht: Erik van Raalte
Geluid: Arjan van Tricht
Repetitie fotografie: Sjoerd Derine 


  • Maas Podium Rotterdam
  • Theater de Krakeling Amsterdam
  • Theater de Krakeling Amsterdam
  • Theater de Krakeling Amsterdam
  • Theater de Krakeling Amsterdam
  • Munttheater Weert
  • Penta College CSG Scala Molenwatering (School) Spijkenisse
  • Theater Korzo Den Haag
  • Theater Korzo Den Haag
  • Theater De Meervaart Amsterdam
  • Schouwburg Hengelo Hengelo
  • Podium Moza├»ek Amsterdam
  • Schouwburg Kunstmin Dordrecht
  • Toneelschuur Haarlem
  • Bijlmer Parktheater Amsterdam
  • Schouwburg De Lawei Drachten
  • Rotterdam Theatre Rotterdam
  • Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
  • De Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg
  • De Oosterpoort Groningen
  • Stadsschouwburg Velsen IJmuiden
  • Theater Zuid Rotterdam
  • Zeelandtheaters - Theater de Mythe Goes
  • Zeelandtheaters - Theater de Mythe Goes
  • Zeelandtheaters - Theater de Mythe Goes