Trailer Speak Up!

Energetic dance, live vocals, text, classical and electronic music join each other in a sparkling show. Speak Up! is the second co-creation of BackBone and Silbersee.

Suppose one day you hear you'll be held accountable for all your actions. Would you continue to act the way you do now? With much proud we present the trailer of our new urban dance show. Watch the trailer here

New show Speak Up!

12 January, Theater Rotterdam, premiere

Exciting times for BackBone are coming up. In two weeks we start our rehearsals for the new show Speak Up! This very special combination of dance and singing, hiphop and opera, myth and earth...premiers on January 12th 2018. 

'Let there be given my mouth that I may speak' - saying on Egyptian grave tomb

Four people who are in the power of their lives are unexpectedly called for accountability and a moral weighting. Singing voices bring back memories of past times and confront them with their deeds. In the shady field of power that they are in, nothing is what it seems. Will they speak up? Will they come true?

Speak Up! is a co-creation of (hiphop) dance company BackBone and Silbersee, production core for unorthodox music theatre and experimental opera.

Choreography: Alida Dors 
Musical leadership: Romain Bischoff 
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis & DJ Lovesupreme 
Dramaturgie: Peggy Olislaegers, Wout van Tongeren & Maarten van Hinte 
Scenography: Ascon de Nijs

BackBone at Rotterdam Uitdagen 2017

The Rotterdam Uitdagen is to celebrate the start of a new cultural season. During the Rotterdam Uitdagen in 2017, Rotterdam's biggest names and cultural talents gave a sneak peek of their new performances and exhibitions. BackBone was involved with the improvisation performance 3D Poetry, in which the audience inspires the performers by giving them words to work with. This 20-minute performance is a melting pot of interaction, improvisation, dance, spoken word and music. Thank you so much Rotterdam Uitdagen! It was amazing to join you with 3D Poetry!

Concept: Alida Dors
Dance: Bilal Bachir
Spoken word: Guus van der Steen
Music: DJ Lovesupreme

BackBone opens new cultural season at Theater Rotterdam

On 8th of September, BackBone will start the new cultural season of Theater Rotterdam! With the special improvisation performance 3D Poetry we invite the visitor to inspire us. Give us your words and we show you our poetry. 3D Poetry is interactivity, improvisation, dance, spoken word and music. Inspire us to inspire you!

Concept | Alida Dors
Dance | Delano Spenrath of Pom Arnold of Bilal Bachir
Spoken word | Guus van der Steen
Music | DJ Lovesupreme

True Colors in premiere

After months of rehearsals in Het Klooster in Woerden, in Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf and in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, we’re nearly there: the première of True Colors. Our latest production in cooperation with musical theatre company Silbersee is about the search for the real person behind our online identities. About how we present ourselves as better than we really are. About the struggle to maintain images that conceal. In True Colors, we see what we prefer to keep hidden... there will be a try-out for True Colors on Friday, 27 January, ahead of the première on Saturday, 28 January 2017 in Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam. The production will then tour more than 30 cities in both the Netherlands and Germany.