The urban dance performance of 2019

After a successful tour with Speak Up! the preparations for the new urban dance performance of 2019 are in full swing.
From October the rehearsals for Rebound start, a remake of the work of Conny Jansen from 2005.

Like Conny, Alida Dors explores the concept of 'resilience'. Alida is inspired, among other things, by the many refugees and asylum seekers who have to rediscover their identity, the concept of 'glass ceiling' and similar oppressive situations. The dancers develop fragile, combative and passionate their own story, in which they are confronted with self-imposed and social structures.

Rebound premieres on January 12, 2019 in Theater Bellevue

BackBone at Holland Festival

Each one teach one

Last Saturday on the 9th of June BackBone organized together with Holland Festival, Solid Ground Movement and the French choreographer Anne Nguyen a special afternoon on urban dance in the dance theater field. 'Each one teach one' is a much heard hip-hop credo and was the credo of this afternoon.

With Elten Kiene and Peggy Olislaegers as their moderators, Alida Dors and the French choreographer Anne Nguyen talked to dancers and theater makers. The topics were the development of hip-hop (from street to theater), diversity within the genre and the progression to the professional field. It was an afternoon filled with interesting conversations that were alternated with cool presentations of urban dance groups.

The Sorcery is an innovative concept by hip-hop choreographer Alida Dors, in which she invites choreographers to create a performance together, from the same source (hip hop) and an overarching theme, but each with its own artistic interpretation. After the performance there will be a conversation about the cooperation and the use of their hip-hop sources.

They met during a panel discussion about the use of music in their own work. Their great love for hip hop culture is what connects them. Now they share the stage with a double bill: The Sorcery Part 1. The leading Dutch hip hop choreographer Alida Dors and the talented German hip hop dancer and choreographer Takao Baba, join forces for The Sorcery Part 1.

With four dancers taken from each other's crew and with an overarching theme, they give their personal artistic 'flavor' to this performance. In each 20 minutes, Alida and Takao take you along in their perspective on the power of self-imposed and social structures during F *** My Keeper (Alida) and  ,,Lim It" (Takao). Our own world of thought can be our worst enemy. What and who ultimately determines which paths are walked by whom?

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BackBone would like to get to know you!


Hip-hop dance company BackBone from choreographer Alida Dors is looking for new dancers (m / f) and a singer (f). Register now for the auditions on March 29, 2018!

Profile dancers (m / f): Hip-hop is your base, but you dare to think and move beyond form. You practice multiple dance styles and you can surprise us with a combination that is raw. You have at least three years experience as a performer. Your contribution to the artistic process is essential and you therefore have an open character with courage.

Profile singer (f): Opera, jazz, pop or soul: your sound and attitude is more important to us than your background. You dare to cooperate with various disciplines and look beyond form. Your contribution to the artistic process is essential and you therefore have an open character with courage.

NOTE: There are also some internships available for trainees in the third or fourth year of their study program.

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Making Of Speak Up!

Energetic dance, live vocals, text, classical and electronic music join each other in a sparkling show. Speak Up! is the second co-creation of BackBone and Silbersee.

Behind the scenes at the new performance Speak Up! Interviews with choreographer Alida Dors, musical leader Romain Bischoff, dance dramaturge Peggy Olislaegers, composer JacobTV and DJ Lovesupreme. Watch the making of here