Bronsttijd (Mating Season)

Bronsttijd is a dance production for young people dealing with sexual development and being in love. The overwhelming desire for one another and the conflict and uncertainties these inevitably involve. Jangling nerves, confusion and joy. As puberty takes hold, emotions are felt to the extreme. Hormones flood your body and you have no idea how to respond to all these confusing, contradictory feelings. Bronsttijd is a plea for the right of all these contradictory emotions to exist.

For more information and reservations please contact Ayra Kip.
T: 06 293 940 41


choreography | Alida Dors
dance | Rosanne Bakker, Charlie Duran
music | Diego Soifer
set & lighting design | Erik van Raalte
video | Michiel Vaanhold
technical support | Nick van Doesum, Niels Runderkamp


“The dancers are electrified, bouncing with pheromones, not knowing how to handle their desire for one another. But they don’t touch – not even fingertips – and the tension builds till it fizzes off the stage. A highly authentic dance production, which makes it gripping, emotional and at times touching. The choreography is implemented with a lot of humour, which means it is never heavy or loaded. Dancer Rosanne Bakker exudes something very special and draws me into her dance completely. The combination of softness and femininity with being very grounded and having a strong attitude is exceptional to watch. Charlie Duran injects a lot of humour into this dance performance. Whether desire finds fruition, whether he can overcome his uncertainty, I won’t reveal. But what I can say is that, in my opinion, it takes courage to create and to dance such an intense finale.”
Dans Magazine – Resa Oomen