Choreographer Alida Dors has her roots in hip hop and this is the source of her work. In terms of form, she always looks for unorthodox encounters with other disciplines. This open attitude, through which the constant encounter brings a continuous change, is in her eyes the core of hip-hop. It is that attitude that Alida Dors | BackBone shows and which is visible in the dancers and the artistic team she works with, but also in the audience that follows her work. With her own dance vocabulary Alida shows her voice about social issues that are relevant in our current time. The themes often represent the struggle between the individual and society in which image formation, power relations and identity are central. Her performances are an energetic call for (self) reflection and awareness of our share of society.

"For all my performances I get inspiration from the here and now. Dance is a tool for me to share my view on society with others. I am convinced that with art you can enter a conversation in a different way. Art can therefore make us less lonely and connect people."

The mission of BackBone
The dance vocabulary of Alida has its roots in hip-hop, but is characterized by exciting encounters with other disciplines. With BackBone, Alida creates relevant and urgent work with the values of hip hop as a starting point. The foundation denounces social issues, with the aim to stimulate the public and to think about their share in society. BackBone is enthusiastic about future talent and creates an environment in which young makers and dancers can develop.

The vision of BackBone
BackBone wants to further develop hip hop dance in the Netherlands and abroad by deepening the hip hop dance vocabulary, linking hip hop dance to other art and dance disciplines and expanding the scope of this dance form not only to other venues and audiences, but also to the public space; there where hip hop was born.